Professionista abilitato ai sensi dell'art. 46 del DPR n. 328/01

Ingegnere dell'Informazione

Pianificazione, progettazione, sviluppo, direzione lavori, stima, il collaudo e la gestione di impianti e sistemi elettronici, di automazione e di generazione, trasmissione ed elaborazione delle informazioni.

Ingegnere Industriale

Pianificazione, progettazione, sviluppo, direzione lavori, stima, collaudo, gestione, valutazione di impatto ambientale di macchine, impianti industriali, di impianti per la produzione, trasformazione e distribuzione dell'energia, di sistemi e processi industriali e tecnologici, di apparati e di strumentazioni per la diagnostica e per la terapia medico-chirurgica.

Membro della commissione C3i all'Ordine degli Ingegneri della provicia di frosinone.

Designer certificato IPC-CID

Professionista BIM accreditato "BuildingSmart International"

About me

I am an engineer and my main passion is his profession, a passion to cultivate and to feed. Since university years, I have been passionate about electronics and everything that revolves around it. Information engineering, which includes all computer science itself, could not exist and would only be a theory or an abstraction, if there were not something physical and complex to support it. Based on this assumption, carried out part of the studies on pure IT, I immediately followed the path of hardware design, to have a more complete vision of the whole IT world. I wanted to convey this vision of mine to people and I had only one thought, that of making my profession become a passion and enhancing it. Complicated road, but full of satisfactions. The profession is constantly evolving, therefore it becomes fundamental for me and for the other colleagues to be always updated and in step with the times. Each occasion represents an opportunity for growth and training.

My Goal

Guiding the customer step by step, introducing him to the world of new technologies, helping him to develop his own product and creating a mutual relationship of growth.

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